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Fighting for America: Nisei Soldiers

graphic-novel-cover-exp-v5_lA graphic novel by Lawrence Matsuda and Matt Sasaki

Winner of Northwest Regional Emmy, Historic/Cultural – Program/Special, 2016

Created in partnership by The Wing and
the Nisei Veterans Committee Foundation

This graphic novel tells the story of six brave and courageous Nisei soldiers from the Pacific Northwest who proved their loyalty and made a significant mark in American history.

  • Shiro Kashino, Infantry
  • Roy Matsumoto, Military Intelligence Service (MIS)
  • Tosh Yasutake, Medic
  • Jimmie Kanaya, Medic
  • Frank Nishimura, Infantry
  • Turk Suzuki, Infantry

Their stories are based on real and actual events, which were dramatized and translated to meet the visual and narrative requirements of a graphic novel.

Also available

The Emmy award winning An American Hero, Shiro Kashino animated video, produced in partnership with the Seattle Channel
Screened at:
DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon, finalist for Best Short, April 29-May 1, 2016
Seattle Asian American Film Festival, February 19-21, 2016

Fighting for America: Nisei Soldiers Curriculum Guide: Downloadable PDF

An American Hero, Shiro Kashino Stand-alone Chapter


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“Matt Sasaki’s illustrations are refreshingly original, beautifully expressive, and perfectly supplement the stories about the heroic achievements of six American patriots. Whether you favor reading or looking at graphic novels, this one is definitely worth your time.”
Roger Shimomura, Artist
“With engaging biographies, Matsuda and Sasaki succinctly relate the Japanese American experience during World War II. Sasaki’s intense illustrations leap off the page!”
Ken Mochizuki, Author of Baseball Saved Us, Heroes and Meet Me at Higo

“There is great bravery in the honesty within the pages of this book. This same courage affords us the benefit of yesterday’s lessons, today’s blessings and the hope we harbor for still a better tomorrow. These stories don’t just describe what it was to be Japanese – they describe what it means to be American.”

Toshiko Hasegawa, Japanese American Citizens League